I have developed coursework and curricula that are strongly critique-driven with practical application of real-world experience and studio work. Class sessions are woven around art history, design history, current critical theory and semiotics, as well as practical application of art and design techniques.

Design is much more than a visual medium—it is fundamentally a communication of ideas. It is about listening to the client, visual problem solving, and creative expression. Design students need a fundamental skill set that they can draw upon to succeed professionally.

I develop college-level curricula teaching visual communications and visual thinking. My ideas are built on a solid foundation of work in the disciplines of art and design. As an artist, I have considerable facility navigating the relationship between artists and criticism, and the ability to reflectively and reflexively self-criticize developing artwork. As a graphic designer, I have developed a strong background in visual communication.


•Typography: History and Application
•Basic Graphic Communication: Design and Advertising Layout
•Intermediate Graphic Communication: Publication Design
•Personal Brand: Portfolios and the Business of Graphic Design


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Suzanne Dell'Orto
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